Mylan Nguyen

Packaging Analyst @ Euromonitor International

Mylan Nguyen is a Packaging Analyst at Euromonitor International, she directly contributes to the content and quality of Euromonitor International’s packaging research. Mylan primarily focuses on the beauty and personal care and home care industries, monitoring industry trends and forecasts and providing key insights through articles and analysis into the packaging industry.

At FEA Global Aerosol Events 2018, Mylan Nguyen will provide an overview of the trends and key drivers shaping the global metal aerosol cans market, which accounts for over 9 billion units in 2017. While beauty and personal care is the main industry for the pack type, representing 53% of global retail metal aerosol cans sales, followed by home care at 36%, global metal aerosol cans volumes within beauty are set to increase by 5% in 2017. Mylan Nguyen will focus on discussing the main challenges and opportunities for aerosols in the global beauty and personal care and home care industries.

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