FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2021

2021 FEA Global Aerosol Awards Winners and Jury’s statements

Category: Innovative Product

Winner: Volcke Aerosol Connection – Caffè Freddo

Italian based Solchim S.r.l., part of Volcke Aerosol Connection, presents the new Caffè Freddo Spray Line, including flavourings and mousses; it is a totally new concept to experience Italian coffee without prior preparation or the necessity to use mixers or stirrers.

The new Caffè Freddo Spray Line offers a new concept to professional bartenders and consumers: ready-to-use sprays, propelled by nitrogen, to enhance and personalize drinks, coffees, dessert toppings and cocktails, with various options, in different sizes.

The Jury says:
Volcke Aerosol Connection succeeded in entering the highly competitive drink market with an interesting and well-designed new concept. It demonstrates the food/drink markets can be further explored by the aerosol industry.

Category: Packaging Element Design

Winner: Aerosol Service – Lesso

Lesso “spray less” is a dose applicator designed especially for ‘compressed’ and BOV aerosols. Its main purpose is to teach the consumer how to use the product consciously. One dose is enough! Using Lesso is very simple—by pressing with the finger one of its sides, the applicator twists. A special applicator design temporarily opens the valve and doses the product outside the can.

A special ergonomic and multifunctional applicator provides different inserts and is easy to use by both left and right-handed consumers.

Lesso is the first solution that allows product dosing to be packed in BOV technology.

The Jury says:
By pressing with the finger one of its sides, the applicator twists. This design is clever and allows for a new actuator movement. Lesso is versatile and can help reinforce sustainable uses.

Category: Product Design

Winner: Jago-Pro – Crush the Sweat Out

This is a new concept for applying antiperspirants to underarms using mousse, gel or cream formulations.

The products are equipped with a customized actuator that ensures good adhesion on the skin and a pleasant application. It also prevents over-application of the product.
The packaging is designed to be easily separated for recycling.

The Jury says:
The Crush the Sweat Out® family interestingly explores non-conventional formulation-types for the antiperspirant category in order to offer a new user’s experience.

Category: Prototype

Winner: Lindal – Added Value Gun

PU foam applicator guns are well-established products used for a range of industrial and home insulation jobs such as sealing holes, cracks and crevices quickly and efficiently. This new polyurethan foam gun, aka the Added Value Gun (AVG), is a game-changer. Created and developed by Altachem, a subsidiary of LINDAL, the AVG addresses long-standing foam gun end-user challenges, and introduces a multiplicity of value-added features and market opportunities.

The AVG is a unique fluid dispensing gun for one-component polyurethane foam. Designed to capture the wide market demand and cost-effectiveness of 1K guns, the AVG has an innovative new mechanism that allows users to automatically add moisture to speed up curing time and produce finer cell structure in the foam, reducing the foam’s Lambda value (λ), (a measurement of a product’s thermal conductivity indicating a reduction in heat loss) and ultimately improve insulation properties.

The Jury says:
Lindal Added Value Gun (AVG) is a game-changer. It improves performance and sustainability credentials compared to existing PU foam applications. Buildings are one of the largest sources of energy consumption in Europe, responsible for over a third of EU CO2 emissions. So, this innovation addresses a key societal challenge.

Category: Sustainable Development Achievement

Winner: Coster – Vortex

Coster has developed proprietary “Vortex” technology to optimize spray performance of insert-less actuators. The idea behind this technology is to offer a sustainable but also efficient solution in terms of spraying performance that also presents relevant cost advantages.

Key features:

  • Fully recyclable because no POM inserts are used
  • Use of PCR is possible
  • Cost competitive as no assembly required
  • Special insert-less spray technology with superior nebulization performances

Vortex technology recreates inside the actuator the same swirls generated by inserts, delivering a spray on par of actuators with traditional insert.

The Jury says:
This innovation provides a new concept for the aerosol industry while following a key trend when designing more sustainable packaging: the development of mono-material packaging components to facilitate their recycling.

The Judging Panel

Our great judging panel is composed of 8 persons. 

Sascha Nissen

Since 2005 Sascha Nissen has been working with A.I.S.E., the international Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products in Brussels. He is mainly involved in the development and implementation of A.I.S.E.’s strategy on Sustainable Development, covering a wide range of activities for the industry sector in Europe.

Nora Schiemann

Dr. Nora Schiemann serves as a Regional Technical Manager at IMCD Germany, where she is responsible for all technical questions related to Personal Care and Cosmetics.

Natacha Fellous

For more than 15 years, Natacha Fellous has led debates on subjects relating to sustainable development, business, health, the economy and societal subjects. She also acts as a consultant in strategic communication with private and public organisations.

Bruno Siri

Bruno SIRI is the General Director of the French Packaging Council since May 2010. He first worked in Innovation by developing new products before taking responsibilities in packaging development, especially for Brossard France, LU France and Danone France dairy products.

Ava Caridad

Ava Caridad is Editorial Director at Industry Publications, Inc., publishers of Spray Technology & Marketing magazine, in Parsippany, New Jersey, USA. She has been covering the aerosol industry since 2002. She holds a Masters Degree in 19th c. American Literature from Rutgers University.

Laurence Joly

Laurence Joly works as Business Development Facilitator at IntPact. She was formerly Dispensing & Aerosols Packaging Expertise Director at L’Oréal.

Manel Torres

Dr Manel Torres,Managing Director of Fabrican Ltd, is fashion designer and researcher, creating new materials and their applications to fashion, product innovation and human/technology interfaces.

Alain d’Haese

Alain D’Haese is the Secretary General of the European Aerosol Federation (FEA) for almost 2 decades and is the Chairman of the Judging Panel of the FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2021.

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