FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2018

2018 FEA Global Aerosol Awards Winners Announced!

The winners of 2018 FEA Global Aerosol Awards were announced during the prestigious FEA Awards Dinner and Ceremony held on 04 October at the CCD-Congress Centre Düsseldorf in Germany. Among the many extraordinary products who have been recognised as Finalists, the following products stand out as the winners:

Most Creative Aerosol Marketing Strategy

Henkel – got2b Sprühkleber hairspray by Julien BAM

Young consumer groups are no longer approached by only one communication channel. Modern communication is closely connected with social media and influencers.

With the YouTube star Julien BAM a collaboration for a limited edition was successfully realised by Henkel. Julien BAM himself, being a convinced user of got2b Sprühkleber hairspray, developed with Henkel his own aerosol design and let his 4.5 million YouTube followers know about this collaboration. His enormous reach and convincing presentation of his own hairstyles – thanks to his favoured product – makes him a perfect witness for the young user group. New users got attracted into the category as well as the business turnover received a dramatic increase of more than 60%!

This marketing strategy combines new ways of doing marketing online with the development of a bespoke aerosol product to support the marketing campaign.

Environmental Achievement & Sustainability
in the Aerosol Industry

Mall + Herlan – Dove Organza

The Unilever’s Dove Organza is the first aluminium Draw and Wall Ironing (DWI) monobloc shaped aerosol can in commercial production and commercialised on the EU Single Market. This has been possible thanks to the Aluminium DWI Hi-Flex line and technology supplied to the can maker by Mall+Herlan.

Not a single consumer was aware of the switch because, at first glance, nothing appeared to have changed.

However, the 45mm diameter can offers raw material savings of more than 20%, the aluminium alloy which is used has a high recycled content of 65%, and for transport and storage, there are 20% more product per pallet… with no compromise on safety, quality and performance.
The DWI technology from Mall+Herlan brings significant improvements for a circular economy in further preventing waste, saving resources and reducing carbon footprint, while continuing to close the material loop.

Most Innovative Aerosol Product

L’Oréal – Colorista Spray

The new Colorista Spray 1-Day Colour line has been designed for teens, it means the generation Z. This is the 1st full range of temporary colour sprays for instant hair colour transformations. The motto: The Look You Want. The Day You want. The Way You Want It – Zero Commitment.

Colorista Spray 1-Day Colour works immediately as a temporary hair colour spray for instant, ultra-vibrant colour. The spray-on pigments instantly colour dark or light hair without the commitment. The range are direct dyes in a micro powder form that spray on, stay on all day, and last until washed out at the end of the day.

This is a new innovative product and concept in an aerosol dispenser.

Innovation in Aerosol Packaging Design

Beiersdorf – Nivea Aerosol Deodorant

The redesign of the NIVEA female deodorant aerosol spray line required experts from all different fields to ensure that consumer was at the heart of every design and technical aspect. The result of this design journey is an elegant 5-piece spray header, accompanied by a nicely shaped feminine aerosol can. The header ergonomic facilitates convenient left- and right-handed activation.

The redesigned NIVEA female deodorant aerosol spray line convinced both in design aesthetics and functional aspects.

Three Certificates of Appreciation were also granted by the Judging Panel


The first Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Aerion Packaging & Conseil for The Bételgeuse Project

The Jury greatly appreciates this innovative way to seal aerosols, which includes the new generation of 22.5bar cans for compressed gases, and looks forward to seeing products like this in the market.



The second Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to AMA – Consumer Assurance Scheme

The Jury appreciates this interesting initiative from the Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa (AMA) and encourages other creative and useful initiatives from other National Aerosol Associations.



The third Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to DeSpray Environmental – Aerosol Recycling System

The Jury appreciates the concept of containerised aerosol recycling units that can help the recycling of full and post-consumer aerosols in areas where recycling facilities are not available to replace unsafe methods, to avoid inadequate transport and to avoid the use of landfills.


Opening FEA Awards Dinner and Ceremony Dusseldorf 04 October 2018

About the 2018 FEA Global Aerosol Awards

The FEA Global Aerosol Awards celebrate the genius, creativity and technical excellence of the aerosol industry. Components and machine manufacturers, aerosol fillers, marketers and retailers were encouraged to enter any innovative aerosol products launched onto the market between November 2016 and June 2018.

The FEA Global Aerosol Awards are organised every two years within the FEA Global Aerosol Events.

The next edition will take place on the 23rd of September in Lisbon, Portugal.

PDF version of the FEA Global Awards 2018 is available


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