Toyo aerosol

1. Toyo Aerosol Industry was established TOYO FILLING INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. in 2007 and also established the joint venture corporation, TOYO & DEUTSCHE AEROSOL GmbH, in Germany in 2014. Now we strive to expand our business in Europe and USA.
2. Toyo Filling International Co.,Ltd, provide high quality Aerosol products for Cosmetics using advanced techniques and reliable quality control with clean equipments based on GMP.
3. Toyo & Deutsche Aerosol GmbH in Neutraubling, Germany, is a contract manufacturer for BOV aerosol and represents THE DUAL¨ 2-in-1 aerosol packaging system in Europe and the USA.
4. THE DUAL¨ is a new aerosol packaging system based on Bag-on-Valve technology. By combining two pouches on one valve, it enables the separate storage of two components in one system and the discharge of two components with one push.

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