Shanghai Jiatian Pharmaceutical Packaging Co

Shanghai Jia Tian Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd (Shanghai New Asia Pharmaceutical Jinshan Co. Ltd.) was founded in May 1990.They are the leading producer of aluminum collapsible tubes in China for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries.

There are Eight product lines from Hinterkopf, German and WESCO, PSG group, German in our factory. Five tube lines can manufacture 250 million tubes per year. Three lines for Aerosol Can manufacture 16000 million Aerosol Can. With 410 million aluminum tubes manufactured  per year, Jia Tian Tube is the biggest manufacturer for aluminum tube in China and catch more than 60% Chinese high quality tube Market.

http://www.jiatiantube.com +86 021-57336611 shanghai_pharma_booth China Machinery, Manufactures or Supplier of containers (tinplate/aluminium)