Sarten Ambalaj

Sarten began production of metal Packaging products on 20 March 1972 at its ‚orlu plant. Sarten is the manufacturer of metal containers for a variety of industries including canned foods, cooking oil, aerosols, pesticides, engine oils, paints. In plastic containers supplies, Sarten offers products made of PET, PE and PP for the lubricants, agricultural chemicals (COEX), paints, ketchup (COEX), cleaning materials and cosmetics industries.
Twist caps offered by SARTEN in a wide range of diameters (38 mm to 100 mm) and different types , are ideal for various requirements of customers and they meet the demands of food industry. SARTEN currently operates three overseas production facilities organized under international companies established abroad with 100% Sarten equity. Metal container plant located at PLEVEN and operated under Sarten Bulgaria Ltd. is the fi rst of these overseas investments while the other are the aerosol can plant at NEVINOMINSK, Russia and operated by OOO Sarpak company and also at ROOSENDAAL, Netherlands and operated by Sarten Packaging Netherlands B.V.

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