Saribekir Ambalaj

SARIBEKİR PACKAGING is found in 2004 to operate in the Metal Packaging Industry. Managed from its headquarters in Istanbul SARIBEKİR PACKAGING started production in Balıkesir Industrial Zone on August 2005.
SARIBEKİR PACKAGING produces aerosol cans, two and three pieces sanitary round food cans, easy open ends and twist off closures.
Combining its personel having 40 years of know-how in canmaking with latest production technologies and supporting those with advanced R&D operations, SARIBEKİR PACKAGING aims to be the leading company when it comes to reliability, innovation and competitiveness in its markets.
SARIBEKİR PACKAGING is the supplier of leading fillers in Turkey as well as Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the Black Sea region. SARIBEKİR PACKAGING plans to grow in the metal packaging industry by extending its product mix and opening new production sites at other locations.

http://www.saribekir.com.tr/tr/index.html + 90 212 438 41 14 Turkey Manufactures or Supplier of containers, Manufactures or Supplier of containers (tinplate/aluminium)