Me.c.a. S.r.l. is an Italian Industry seated in Fisciano, in the province of Salerno. Since 1987, the Group is specialized in tinplate manufacturing and wholesale. This factory, thanks to a well-advanced know how, new generation technologies, and huge investments in the sector of tinplate manufacturing acquired, over the years, a big expertise in the production of Food Metal Packaging and Containers, making a wide range of products available to its Core Market: 1) open top tin cans; 2) open top lids; 3) twist off caps; 4) arosol componenets (tops & bottoms); 5) easy open ends (Interscambi S.r.l.).
In the last years, Me.c.a. S.r.l. invested in the purchase of new generation machineries for the production of aerosol components. The industry gives to its clients the possibility to choose among aerosol caps and bottoms of different sizes and colors.

http://www.mecapackaging.it +39 089 826190 meca_booth Italy Manufactures or Supplier of containers (tinplate/aluminium)