The core business of the Belgium-based company Lambiotte & Cie is the production of a class of chemicals called Acetals. One of these substances, namely Dimethoxymethane or Methylal, brings benefits to pump and aerosol formulations with all type of propellants (hydrocarbons, DME, compressed gases,...). It helps solubilizing components (resins, oils, greases, silicones, perfumes, vitamins, insecticide actives), and improves the nebulization quality by decreasing the viscosity and the surface tension, so the particle size. Methylal also contributes to faster drying times and allows formulating high performance waterborne products with reduced VOC content. Nowadays many commercially available products contain this substance: para-pharmaceuticals, cosmetics (INCI name: Methylal), household, insecticides, air fresheners, technical, paints, car care, etc.

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