KPIT Technologies

1. Produce more with better transparency on the materials

2. Reduce scrap and waste by identifying the problem causing the number of bad parts and waste material

3. Capture cost more precisely by capturing laber, scrap, downtime, tooling & other costs directly from the shop floor as they occur. Provide more reliable information for pricing new work and renegotiating/reconsidering unprofitable business/business teams

4. Increase uptime of machines by inventory availability, proper maintenance of machines and right tooling readiness

5. Reduce inventory by getting rid of just-in-case-inventory through interaction between purchasing, shipping and scheduling visions as well as updating inventory records with new production, non-confirming material, scrap etc.

6. Provide means to better customer service to their end customers by improved scheduling and visibility, better material management to keep the line running and meet emergency shipments.

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