Industrie-Gemeinschaft Aerosole e.V. (IGA)

Founded in 1958, IGA represents the common interests of companies being involved in the aerosol business in Germany.

Membership Benefits

  • Advice on both legal and technical matters related to aerosols
  • Early information about new European and national legislative initiatives relevant for the aerosol industry and new regulations to be followed
  • A digital newsletter „Aerosolinformationen“ which is circulated frequently with up-to-date information
  • Access to European and national Industry Guidelines and a newsletter archive in our Extranet
  • A media crisis management, including a proactive screening of all publications on aerosols in German media
  • Every year IGA organizes a two day seminar (in German), called „Aerosolschulung“, to provide a profound overview of the aerosol technique and the production, as well as the regulations which have to be followed when producing, storing and selling aerosols.
  • As IGA is an associate member of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), IGA member companies also benefit from a free VCI membership
  • IGA shares offices with the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW), benefiting from a close cooperation with the German representation of the marketers of aerosols in the big product categories beauty and home care
  • As a DIN member, IGA actively participates in the development of national and European standards which are relevant for the aerosol industry
http://www.aerosolverband.de + 49 069/2556-1508 Germany National Association