Bonfiglioli Engineering s.r.l.

TASITEST is the leading specialist of packaging leak detection and inspection solutions for the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, metal can and aerosol, offl ine and plastic markets. With the BONFIG product line offers clients a wide production range of non destructive value-added testing solutions in Container Closure Integrity Testing, Visual Inspection and Headspace Gas Analysis, as for laboratories as well as in-line requirements. Latest innovations on metal can & aerosol market are based on: full range of products that covers all nominal speed of can production lines without altering the container features; full capability to be integrated in Industry 4.0 environment; conformity with ADR as well
as DOT and others directives as to alternative water bath test; sensitivity improvement; installation fl exibility, machines installed: in-line, off-line or next to the production line; automatic infeed and outfeed controls according to the containers flow. More detailed information on BONFIG range of products are available at www.bonfi glioliengineering.com

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