Assoziation der Schweizerischen Aerosolindustrie (ASA)

The Swiss Aerosol Association, "Association of the Swiss Aerosol Industry", ASA, aims to promote the Swiss aerosol industry. As an association based in Zurich, the ASA serves its members, who determine the main objectives of the association's activity at the general meeting.

The members of the Union are companies which are active or associated with any field in the aerosol industry, whether as producers or marketers of aerosols or as manufacturers of components for the spray can or of machines for the filling and quality testing of aerosol products.

As a national association, the ASA is affiliated to the European federation, the European Aerosol Federation (FEA), and is also in contact with some companies in other continents through the International Aerosol Association (IAA) section.

https://swiss-aerosol.ch/ +41 044 210 30 70 Switzerland National Association