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If you have a Schengen visa and are planning on visiting relatives in Germany, want to go backpacking through Europe or have a business seminar don’t depart without getting a proper health insurance. With a Schengen "short-stay” visa you can stay in 25 European countries for up to 90 days which is perfect for visitors or guests, business travelers, tourists or group visits.

You don’t want your perfect holiday to be cut short because you get injured and need to pay for an expensive treatment without having insurance. Additionally, being insured is a prerequisite to getting your Schengen visa, as no German consulate will issue you a short stay visa without a valid proof from your travel insurance provider.


Passport requirement chart

A passport valid for three months beyond the length of stay and issued within the past 10 years is required by all nationals listed in the chart above except (1) EU nationals holding a passport or national ID card which is valid for the duration of stay.

If travelling from one border-free Schengen country to another however, EU nationals are not required to show a passport or national ID card. It is still recommended that you travel with your passport or ID card to prove your identity if necessary though. Note that Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the UK are not part of the Schengen area, so a passport or ID card is required if travelling to/from these countries.

EU nationals are not required to possess a return ticket or show sufficient funds.


Visas for Germany are not required by all nationals referred to in the chart above for the following durations:

  • Nationals of EU countries for an unlimited period.
  • Nationals of Australia, Canada and the USA for stays not exceeding 90 days in a six-month period.
Visa note
Nationals not referred to in the chart are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements for Germany.
Types and cost:
Schengen visa: €60/£43.60 (€35/£25.50 for children aged between six and 12). Nationals of a few countries pay €35/£25.50; check with the consulate for a list.

For Children under six years of age, school pupils and students and accompanying teachers on study or educational trips, researchers (travelling for research purposes only) there is no fee.

A Schengen short-stay visa is valid for up to 90 days within a six-month period.
Nationals of certain countries must have a transit visa to pass through Germany; check with the consulate for the latest list.
Application to
If Germany is the main destination of your trip, apply to your local German consulate or embassy. All visa applicants aged 12 and over must submit biometric data at their visa appointment.
Schengen visas
Germany is a signatory to the 1995 Schengen Agreement.
Temporary residence
If you are an EU citizen who wishes to do paid or self-employed work, you do not need a visa or work permit, according to EU regulations. However, if you wish to stay for longer than three months, you should register with the local Einwohnermeldeamt (Residence Registration Office) within a week of finding permanent accommodation.
Working days
Visa processing usually takes at least five working days, but may take longer in some cases.
Sufficient funds
If applying for a visa, you’ll be asked to detail how you intend to support yourself for the duration of your stay.
Extension of stay
If you wish to extend a stay once in the country, you should apply to the Ausländeramt (literally ‘Outsider Authorities’) office in the nearest major town.
Entry with children
If visas are needed, a form must be filled out for each individual applicant, including children under 18. Children travelling alone must supply a letter from both parents authorising them to travel and appointing the person who will be responsible for them.
Visa Letters
If you require a letter of invitation for visa purposes please complete the form within the forms status section. Please note FEA2018 management is not able to contact Embassies on behalf of any individual wishing to attend the FEA2018 Conference & Exhibition.
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